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Well, to start introducing myself I just want to express my regretion that I cannot give you a 100 % of impression about me. You can`t smell my o`dour, you can`t catch imperceptible motions of my eyelashes indicating changes of my mood. So what can we get from this sort of introduction? Only words are remained that in spite of the diversity of the language are nevertheless limited, pail and have the tendency to hide boldly and even get lost in very hot moments. So what do I have? Eyes which see what they want to see but not what is in real. That`s why they need a guide and protection especially from the bright Sun! After Soaring in rosy clouds I regain my sense of reality and fall down. Damn, it`s painful! But the moments of soaring are worth of this pain! Black and white zebra is a symbol of my life. Yeah. But I am not going to change my zebra for grey-lined stripe… My nose feels sharp mind at a distance! Oh, how tasty it smells. Everything that can make my life interesting, verbose and sparkling is important. In music I prefer well-made, qualitative compositions not depending on style and direction, often such are found in classics. Music paints life with chatoyant and sonorous colours; painting: here I prefer most of all French impressionists of the end of the XIX-th century – it`s penetrated so deep into my life that contemplation of the favorite works inspires and gives me wings! It makes me want to create and make this world more wonderful and colourful! So I sometimes make my best when I paint or grow home plants, with what I usually get a total mutual understanding and love! Books are the pleasure that I, like an authentic gourmet, can enjoy endlessly… I enjoy socializing with my friends which I do not have many but each is worth of thousand of meetings, glances, nods and idle talks. Relations are the most precious value in my life. Looking for a smart, intelligent, educated man who is capable to maintain his family on a worthy.

I think that the best way to know my character is to ask my friends. My friends consider me as a very sociable, cute, just, kind person. I like to prove my ideas and thoughts. I like to meet new friends, communicate with people. I am all the time different. I like to change something in my appearance. I like sports, especially aerobics, modern dances, discos. I like to spend time with my friends, go to different restaurants, cafes, parties. Also I like to attend theatres and read. I like to travel and see new places. I am looking for an interesting, sociable, generous, kind, intelligent man.

I am merry, sincere, well-educated, communicative, open-minded, optimistic, easy-going and very romantic person. As well, they say, that I am a creative personality and good listener. And I suppose I am an interesting person. I have got a wide range of interests and it includes such things as: reading books on esoteric and psychology, listening to all kinds of music except hard one, dancing,singing, knitting, sewing and writing poems. Also I am fond of reading dictionaries and different encyclopedias so that to enrich my idiolect. I am hoping to meet that special man whom I could share my life and create a good family with.

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