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Flirting And Serious Relationship With Russian Women Online

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Relationship With Russian Women Online

It’s hard to build serious and long relationship with a stranger. Before creating a family it takes time to get acquainted with a person you like, to communicate and to learn his/her inner word, to decide whether this woman/men is a suitable partner for you. That is why, flirting is one of the important stages before relationship.

Flirting is:

  • an interesting and exciting game for adults with a concrete purpose or just a pleasant pastime;
  • amusement that approximates the fulfillment of desire;
  • prelude and the first step to a serious relationship;
  • a duel of words and intonations, hints and views, experience and skills, desires and opportunities, touches and gestures;
  • ability to talk and listen to the new person;
  • the ability to speak the object of your attention and inspire confidence in yourself, that there is a step to victory;
  • a real art of communication and seduction.

What to do to interest a girl and to move from the stage of flirting to the stage of serious relationship? The answer for this question you’ll find hereinafter.

  1. Learn listen to the girl. Any information said by the woman you like can help you in the future. That’s why add all the information received to a specially designated for this purpose “shelf” in the head, so that when the time comes, you’ll be able to use this information. If you really want to build serious relationship with the Russian woman you like, then hurry to learn about her as much as possible.
  2. Show admiration. It should be presented in your eyes, if you want to conquer a girl. After all, girls adore when they are admired. This means a man should be able to make compliments. Does the girl have a new hairstyle? It is necessary to make a compliment about her beautiful hair and her irresistible appearance. Does she have new shoes? My God, how beautiful they are! Undoubtedly, it is the merit of her remarkable taste and subtle sense of style. The girl likes to joke? Sometimes out of place? This is not a crime. Especially if you make her a compliment about her exceptional wit and a healthy sense of humor. And how admirable is her voice! You are ready to listen to it hour by hour. Day after day. After all, her voice is sweeter than the nightingale’s songs… Of course, compliments should be truthful, as any falsehood in your words will certainly be noticed and marked.
  3. Try to be always “positive”. Flirting, as communication and exchange of emotions, should be light and easy. Shine with a sense of humor, witty joke, causes a smile in the girl – and now half the job is done.

  1. Be able to seduce a girl. Mindfulness. Gallantry. Tact. Tenderness and kindness. That’s what qualities should be present when flirting with a girl. And still decisive masculinity. But this is already the prerogative of the deeds done. The use of all these qualities will melt the heart of any woman.
  2. Touch tactics. This is a very important thing in the technique of flirting. Of course, one of the girls will like it, if you start touching her breast with the first phrase and stroking your knee, intending to slip your palm higher. However, a man who is literate in flirting techniques will leave such touches for later. For example, during a conversation, he will accidentally touch the hand of the girl or her shoulder. This reception is designed to convince that the guy is sincere and trusts the girl.
  3. Comfort of communication. This is also very important, since getting pleasure from communication is a guarantee of a new meeting. Not for flirting, but for a closer relationship. How to create such comfort? Quite simply: apply the technique of repetition of gestures and movements, which in the conversation makes your object flirting. For example you can speak as slowly as she does, or similarly smile during the conversation. Because “identity”, even incomplete, brings people together.